Wilem Banks is a realist. Raised on a big property in Northern California, his dad taught him the value of hard work at an early age. So, after a few years of living in the middle of LA’s hustle and bustle while chasing a surf career, he decided to move back home, where he belongs. These days, while he’s sponsored by Rip Curl, Banks makes his living as a carpenter. But, with a surfer for a boss, Banks still has the flexibility to chase slabs in Scotland and the biggest days of the winter at Mavericks.

“Roots” is a 9-minute portrait of Banks, from filmmaker Kyle Buthman. In it he talks about his humble upbringing, his love for big waves and his willingness to put in the hard yards working with his hands. We also get a look at his stylish small-wave prowess and his maniacal approach at Mavs.

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