Interview by Jame Buchman

What is your name and what city does the edit take place in?
My name is Shqipron Bobaj and all of this was filmed in Switzerland, drifting between Aarau and Zürich, kinda there where the most homies are.

Can you tell me a little about the skate scene?
It’s peaceful, we have a great vibe with all the dudes around our country, so it’s cool. It’s hard at the same time because Switzerland is super expensive so we need to hustle all the time.

When was this stuff all filmed? Are these mostly the guys you skate with?
Around the last two years mostly. These are guys I even grew up with or have known for years.

Why did you call your project Pattern?
I didn’t spend too much time thinking on the name, but Pattern kinda means to know your place/get yourself into the line—what life is about.

How is the skate scene right now? Are people still skating in Switzerland? How is everyone dealing with the Covid Virus?
It’s strange, but we all try to be safe and make the most of it. Vibes are pretty weird and people kinda don’t know how to deal with this stuff, but we try to take care a lot to get this behind us as fast as possible. I kinda miss the normal days, so I hope you are all safe out there!

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