It’s rare to see John, Nathan, and Ivan Florence all surfing at the same time. Sure, they might pop up in a Pipe clip getting shacked together, but never launching punts in chunky, high-performance wedges. But, because of COVID, all three are home in Hawaii ripping together for the first time since they were towhead groms at Sunset Elementary.

Speaking of, how damn good did Ivan get at surfing just recently? He’s always ripped, but jeez. A couple of years ago he was barely on our radar (outside of packing the occasional Pipe bomb), but now he’s casually stomping huge alley-oops and stylish straight airs. Click play above and skip to the 5-minute mark (unless you want to hear Nathan leave Jamie O’Brien a 2-minute voicemail about a rabbit he found on the side of the road), and watch the three bros go air-for-air in Hawaii. If not for John’s freakish backside full rote toward the end, Ivan easily would have been MVP of the day. If he keeps improving at this clip, he just might outshine John in a session soon.

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