Longboarding involves adventure, thrill, and speed, but can also be dangerous at sometimes. Enjoying the most time, it’s important to wear safety gear, especially helmet to protect you from uncertain conditions. There are several types of helmets such as open, modular, full face helmets and each helmet has its pros and cons. Some are better in safety, while some are better in comfort.

A full face longboard helmet beats the rest of the helmet by a fair margin because of its numerous benefits as it offers the best protection. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using a full face longboard helmet.

Full Face Longboard Helmet Offers the Best Protection

These helmets offer better protection than other types of helmets. These helmets protect the head, neck and the face, whereas other helmets protects head and neck only. Moreover, it provides an additional support to the neck during a fall, which ensures protecs your face against bruises.

Provides Protection Against Dust and Debris

During downhill, there are chances that dust might get into the eye of the rider which can cause serious trouble. If you wear a full face helmet that it will protect you from dust, debris and insects during riding, which makes sure you do not lose any concentration because of these bugs.

Lowest Detachment Rate

The full face longboard helmet has the lowest detachment rate than the other helmets. A lot of risks causes in downhill racing as it is prone to cause accidents. During downhill racing, a rider is riding at a speed of 35 miles per hour or more, and in case if he met with an accident then there are chances that the helmet might get detachment because of the high speed and downhill track. However, if you are wearing full-faced helmets then there are minimal chances that helmet will get detached in case of an accident as its grip is better than the other helmets.

Some people use motorcycle full faced helmets for longboarding which is quite risky as the motorcycle helmet is quite heavier than longboard helmet which makes riding difficult. So, use helmets especially for longboarding and for safe riding. Before choosing any longboard helmet make sure it is certified by the CPSC. The CPSC approves these helmets for cycling activities and non-motorization applications.

The helmet can protect you from strap incorrectly. Innumerable styles and colors are available in full-faced helmets. So, choose any helmet which suits you the best in terms of design, color, and fitting. Before going for a ride wear your helmet and other safety gear such as knee pads, shin guards, padded shorts, wrist glove and other gears for a safe ride. These gears will make sure no severe injury to the ride even if he falls from the board. So, get your longboard safety gears as soon as possible.

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