It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced rider or a novice; protective gears are must for everyone. These protective gears will protect you safe every time you step on the board to take part in a race or perform any trick on it. Below are some of the important safety gears that protect you from major possible injuries and you must use then while using longboards for cruising.

Longboard Helmets

  • This protective gear is must and can’t be neglected by any rider. This gear makes sure that no injury is caused to head in case of an accident. Most of the riders fall on their heads in case of an accident and if the rider is not wearing a helmet then it can lead to serious head injuries which can even lead to death. In downhill racing, the track is quite dangerous and there is always a risk of an accident. So, a rider must start the downhill race with a helmet.

Safety Gears

Padded Shorts

  • This safety gear is not only important from the safety aspect but is also important to maintain balance on the board. In long boarding, a rider uses his legs to control the longboard and the padded shorts allow the rider to move his legs freely. Moreover, these shorts also keep the upper legs safe and make sure the skin is not ripped off whenever the rider hits the deck in case of an accident.

Upper Body Armour

  • This safety gear is made up of fibre and protects the upper body of the rider. This safety gear lasts long and makes sure the skin is not ripped off from the upper body whenever a rider falls from the board. Whenever, a rider loses his balance and fall from the board he covers a certain distance by sliding along with the deck. In such scenario, a rider seriously hurts his upper body and to prevent this he must wear upper body armour.

Wrist Guards

  • Wrist guards are must for every rider as hands play an important role in long boarding. A rider uses his hands to make a sharp turn. While making a sharp turn, a lot of pressure is put on the wrist which increases the risk of hurting him seriously. Wrist guards will make sure a rider can easily make a sharp turn without putting pressure on the wrists.

Knee Pads and Shin Guards

  • In long boarding, a rider needs to frequently move up and down in order to balance the board. Because of this, there is a risk of knees being hurt a little bit. If you keep on riding neglecting the knee pain then you might damage your knees permanently in a short period of time. So, to prevent this dangerous situation, wear knee pads as it allows free movement of legs without putting extra pressure on the knees.

Shin guards come in use only in case of accident to protect the shins from bruising. Shin guards are quite light in weight and wearing these will not affect your riding.

These are some of the important safety gears that must be used before riding a longboard. You can purchase these protective gears from online stores or from a gaming shop.

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