Taking the top spot in the Winter X Games medal count, this Canadian rider is now one medal ahead of Jamie Anderson with 22 total! After this past weekend, Mark McMorris is now the sole holder of the Winter X Games medal count. He is also tied with 11 golds with the one and only Tony Hawk (in Summer X Games). Quite an impressive feat (Shaun White only has 13 Winter X Games medals), but he would still need 7 more to top Bob Burnquist for overall X Games hardware.

Dubbed “The Prime Minister of Snowboarding” by fellow pro Robin Van Gyn, pro snowboarders from all disciplines chimed in with praise to congratulate the 29-year-old. And in true McMorris fashion, it was all done on his final run of the contest. A dramatic drop with nothing to lose, McMorris put down back-to-back 1620s to earn the top spot on the podium and a new spot in the history books.

Congrats on the X Games history Mark!

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