Snowboarding legend and a longtime voice of snowboarding Todd Richards took to Instagram this past week to voice his opinions on the latest X Games in Aspen highlighting influencers alongside some of the best snowboarders in the world. Hint: he is not happy and neither is a large part of the snowboarding community. Professional riders like Jamie Anderson, Danny Davis, and plenty more past X Games medalists chimed in with their support of Todd’s views in the comments. Current riders in attendance of the games even showed support for Todd when they were not busy dropping in and risking their lives for a shot on the podium. But according to Todd, he is not just saying this to make noise, he hopes to help the event regain the respect it has held in the community since its inception.

For those that do not know Todd’s resume, Richards was part of the inaugural U.S. Olympic team in 1998 and has been a respected name in snowboarding for the better part of three decades. He has taken home multiple U.S. Open titles, X Games medals, and produced plenty of full parts for snowboarding movies. Todd and his Monday M.A.S.S. podcast cohost Chris Cote posted a follow up to Richards original comments which is quickly garnering the same buzz as his first. Listen to the full thing below! 

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