Liam Pace is no stranger to taking a route of his own, but this new approach at the respected Ocean Beach skatepark had the locals tripping out!

If you’ve been to this skatepark in Ocean Beach, California (Shockus Park), you know first-hand just how wild this line is (especially the first trick!) But this is just a small example of how Liam navigates his own unique lines at places most simply cannot. It’s rare to bring new color to familiar spots. Rare, but not impossible!

Some people just have it like that. Eyes wide open. Not all! But certainly some. And Liam resides at the top of that list. I have a feeling if you thought up the impossible, Liam might just laugh and say, “Watch this.”

Don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole of clips on his Instagram. It’s nice to see Liam shining right now and getting the credit he rightfully deserves.

Video: @beanwater1 / @liampace_

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