Chico Brenes recently graced us with a Reel on Instagram riding one of his more unorthodox Chico Stix setups at San Francisco’s famed Pier 7 with a trick worth watching over and over again.

Chico has always been one of the stylish ones. He’s the type of guy who leaves you content whether he’s simply pushing around or pushing his limits. This trick is already hard enough for the majority of us, but to do it on a flat little 6.5″ mini cruiser (with no nose! What?!) and some Indy 109’s is something to see! Leave it to Chico to pull this one out of his back pocket so casually.

From Eric Koston and Jamie Thomas, to Gino, Zered Bassett and so many more, Chico has fans and respected pros alike getting stoked from coast to coast in the comments of the post. He writes, “The gift that keeps on giving,” and anchors on a skateboard emoji as the caption — we couldn’t agree more. It’s great to see people like Chico keeping things fun (on and off the board) with a project like Chico Stix. The smile and laughter says it all. Check all the fun shapes and sizes Chico has to offer! You just might enter a new dimension of four-wheeled fun.

Video: Louis Struxworth III / @chicobrenes

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