Artists in Residence: Morgan Anderson aka Shred Mango

Art and snowboarding have always been intertwined–board graphics, print ads, designs on softgoods, pro models, video art–they overlap in many ways as outlets for open-ended expression and so it’s natural that many of those who enjoy linking carves down inclines also love to ink lines on paper. For these multifaceted, creative humans, an open powder field or freshly groomed trail is as much of a blank canvas as, well, an actual canvas. And their artistic efforts related to their love of elevation can leave an imprint snowboarding as a whole. So, while we are all hanging out at home, doing more scrolling than snowboarding, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the people whose love of snowboarding is matched by their passion for painting, drawing, printing, and illustrating–those whose work can be seen throughout snowboarding, displayed on boards and bindings, on posters and print, on shirts, pants, and more. While snowboarding is rife with many riders/creators, we have also selected these artists because at a time when we are relegated to our living rooms and what is accessible via our phones and computers, all of these individuals show their work regularly on their social accounts. So you can easily click over to their profiles and add a daily dose of intriguing and uplifting creativity to your Instagram meanderings. So hit follow on these Artists in Residence if you haven’t already. It’s also a great time to add a print or original to your walls if anything catches your eye. We will be providing a glimpse at a different artist each day, so stay tuned. First up, Morgan Anderson aka Shred Mango.

Morgan Anderson is a fresh face in the world of snowboarding artists. A Midwesterner whose surroundings include some of snowboarding’s most iconic street rails, much of her work showcases her love of riding in a literal sense as she adorns photographs–many of city proclivity–with unique monsters. This is only one avenue of Shred Mango’s creative offerings, though, as part of her personal craft is her exploration with different mediums and applications. Her appreciate for the legendary, weird, and slightly creepy—the likes of Bigfoot and Mothman—is apparent in her pieces that feature imaginative and cartoony creatures saddled up next to street spots and mountainscapes. Many of her creations possess almost an Edward Gorey vibe turned extraterrestrial: long-limbed skateboarders, jackalope-antlered snowboarders, bat creatures, and despondent-looking, one-eyed, hoodie-wearing characters. While her drawings have been a mainstay on her Instagram, she has recently introduced @shredmango.behindthelens for photo and video musings. Check her out, as her work is very likely going to be popping up more and more within the the boarding world. – Mary Walsh


Hometown: I currently live in a small town in Minnesota, USA, called Alexandria.

Home mountain: I try to switch up what resort I ride at every weekend, but my forever home hill is Andes Tower Hills!

Preferred medium(s): I try to keep an open mind to all mediums. With that being said, I’ve experimented with oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor, and clay, but my go to is always just a plain piece of paper and a pen or my iPad Pro!
One tool of your craft that you cannot do without: Definitely a paint pen! You never know when you’ll be out somewhere and see something that needs something drawn on it! Those things can be used on literally anything!

Favorite subject matter (in general and/or currently): Well, for sure snowboarding is a big one. The snow culture, skateboard culture, surf culture—they all have such unique vibes to them and I can’t help but be inspired by all the unique people! Other than that, I’m really into myths like Bigfoot, jackalopes, and Mothman, just odd stuff, and so I try to combine the unique people I see in the scenes daily and all the creatures I grew up obsessed with and see where it takes me!

All-Time Favorite Board Graphic: I don’t think I would be able to pick one all time favorite, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the graphics Gnu and Zion have always done. One of the top ones for sure though is the Gnu Money board graphics designed by Jay Howell!
Do you listen to music or anything when you make art? If so, what: Oh yeah, there’s NO way I can draw or anything without music playing. Usually I’ll listen to either The Smiths, Radiohead, Butthole Surfers, Hockey Dad, Pixies, or one of my many playlists, depending on the vibe of the day!

Advice on how to get over a creative block: I’m definitely no stranger to creative blocks and I definitely still get quite a lot, but what I’ve found to help me out is to step away from what you’re working on or hoping to work on and either go outside (or open a window) and take a few deep breaths, listen to some good music or watch a good video part and let the ideas come to you instead of you searching for the ideas!

Artists that influence/inspire your work: Ah dang, I have so many artists I look up to, but to name a very influential few: Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Travis Millard, Jay Howell, the Gonz, and Michael Sieben!

Any cool collabs, work, galleries, projects, etc. that you’ve done (or that you’re working on currently) that you’d like to share: I’ve gotten to collab on some insane shots with quite a few insane photographers I still find incredibly insane like: Vernon Deck, Jerome Tanon, Simon Berghoef, Stephan Jende, Troy Tanner, and Evan Pierce! I’ve done quite a few art shows during the past couple years, including one alongside a video premiere for a video my friends made called Onlooker’, one with a brand called Common Apparel, and one for the Burton store in Minneapolis! I’m currently working on a few different art shows for this year once it’s safe to have huge events again! Plus a few insane brand collaborations I’m really hyped on that will be dropping throughout the year, definitely want to keep an eye out for those!

Where can people purchase your art: Easiest way to contact me about hiring me for a project or to buy already made art is to contact me through my Insta DM’s or email!

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