Jaws went XXL on Tuesday, drawing the hardest-charging Hawaiians out to the famed big-wave spot with their guns in tow. Albee Layer ruled the West Bowl, as per usual, and guys like Tyler Larronde, Torrey Meister, and more were out there bagging some of the best waves Pe’ahi has seen this winter. But perhaps stealing the show this week was none other than the Prince of Pe’ahi, Billy Kemper, who paddled into the wave you see above in his recent Instagram post.

Legends like Shane Dorian and Grant Twiggy Baker gawked at Kemper’s tube via Instagram, as did nearly everyone else in the big-wave sphere. As we know from active winters past, if there are more purple blobs on the charts swirling towards Jaws in the near future, the above and below are just glimpses at what Kemper and his crew will do this season.

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