When it comes to CBD use for professional athletes or sports enthusiasts, popularity is rapidly on the rise, but for some there is still cause for concern. Many athletes have fears over drug testing or impaired ability, but with the right CBD products, those worries can disappear. The safety and effectiveness of your chosen CBD product will play a major role in how you as an athlete could and should utilize it. So, what are the best and safest CBD products for athletes to turn to, both professional and amateur alike? Let’s break it down.

What Is CBD?  

First, let’s start by defining what CBD, or cannabidiol, actually is. CBD is one of the many naturally occurring compounds or cannabinoids found in hemp and sativa cannabis plants. CBD is often the lesser-known cousin of THC, another cannabinoid known best for its psychoactive properties in relation to marijuana. Though both compounds are found in the same plant, they have vastly different impacts on the body and the brain.

CBD works directly with the human body and the endocannabinoid system. This interaction can block pain receptors from sending messages to the brain while creative an overall sense of wellbeing. Though scientific studies are still needed and emerging, there is anecdotal evidence supporting CBD’s positive impacts on the ECS and mammals. CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, then isolated and created into a variety of products for consumption or application.

When it comes to CBD for athletes, there are a few important factors to consider. Drug testing concerns are always at the top of the list, so finding a CBD product that is third-party lab tested and offers completely THC-free products is key. Similarly, third-party lab testing is important to ensure the quality, purity and potency of your CBD product, making sure it is completely solvent and pesticide free. Some CBD companies, like Tribe CBD, craft quality CBD products with athletic lifestyles in mind. All their broad-spectrum CBD products are tested and truly THC-free, and accurate to label claims providing the perfect dose of CBD to those maintaining their athletic lifestyle.

A Breakdown: Best CBD Products for Athletes 

CBD Gummies – A tasty option for consuming CBD for athletes are CBD gummies. CBD gummies and other edibles are great for on-the-go consumption, allowing athletes or active people to take their relief on the road with them. CBD gummies are also fast acting, not quite as fast as a CBD oil but once consumed and processed by the body, they can be a great option for those who don’t want the sometimes “hempy” aftertaste accompanied by a CBD oil. Tribe CBD’s Relaxation Gummies are also great for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, with no added sugar, all-natural flavors and ingredients and absolutely zero THC.

CBD Topicals – One of the most effective methods of using CBD for an athletic lifestyle is through the use of a CBD topical. A topical can come in a variety of forms, from a balm to salve to CBD cream. Topicals are ideal for athletes because they can be efficiently applied to specifically targeted areas. If you have a sore spot, a CBD topical can be applied directly to the source of the pain, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin, delivering relief. A CBD cream that is created specifically for active lifestyles with the addition of a cooling aspect like Tribe CBD’s Cold Therapy Cream, is an ideal choice to relive sore muscles and joints.

CBD Oil – Another highly effective method of CBD use is through the sublingual consumption of CBD oil. Sublingual consumption simply means consumed orally, specifically placed under the tongue for fast absorption in the blood stream. CBD oil is one of the fastest acting consumption methods of CBD. Taking a dropper full prior to a workout or training session could help to keep muscles and joints “well-greased” throughout while aiding in the recovery process after. Similarly, taking a CBD oil after a session could help speed up the recovery process, keeping any inflammation at bay and getting you back in the game as soon as possible.

CBD Shots – Some people seek out CBD to deliver specific relieving properties. One way to really up-the-ante in those therapeutic realms is to combine CBD with other natural compounds. Tribe CBD has created two unique CBD shots with this in mind. Their CBD Energy Shot, combines 20mg of CBD with guarana, ginseng and caffeine, to deliver a balanced dose of energy that is not accompanied by any jitters that commonly come with energy drinks. On the flip side is Tribe CBD’s Sleep Shot, which combines CBD with valerian root, Baikal skullcap flower, and melatonin, to promote a restful and rejuvenating sleep cycle.

CBD For Athletes or Active Lifestyles: Key Takeaways from Tribe

When it comes to using CBD as an athlete or a sports enthusiast, there are a few factors to consider. Since not all CBD is created equal, turning to companies like Tribe CBD – who are fully transparent in lab-test results, purity and potency – is key to ensuring you get good use out of your CBD. Whether you are a professional athlete training for an upcoming event, an avid outdoor enthusiast eager to get back on the trail, or simply enjoy staying active, Tribe CBD has something beneficial for you. Check out Tribe CBD’s Barstool Bundles here, for the complete athlete’s CBD package.

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