Aloha and welcome to the first segment of Freesurf News, hosted by Mike Latronic and Shannon Reporting on the lovely North Shore of Oahu. It’s simple, it’s news, and it’s free!

This week’s top stories:
– The O’Neill Wave of the Winter contest window just closed and the clips are in on Surfline; who’s the favorite to win?
– Competitive surfing is making a comeback: WSL is back in action with live events as the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup kicks off in Australia.
– ISA looks to qualify 12 surfers for the Olympic Surf Teams at the Surf City El Salvador World Surfing Games.
– Paying tribute to 22-year-old Katherine Diaz who was struck by lightning while surfing her home break.
– Keala Kennelly is crowned the first-ever champion of Red Bull Magnitude, a big wave competition featuring Oahu wahine, like Makani Adric and Emi Erickson.

Tune in next week for more Freesurf News!

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