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When you watch any of Frank Bourgeois’s X-Games Real Snow video parts (he’s won three years in a row), one of the first things that come to mind is how can he possibly walk away from all those gnarly crashes? The consequences of failure could easily be interpreted as a disguised death wish!

What if he overshoots that tiny landing? What if he hits the ground from a 2 story high drop? It would be easy to classify Frank as crazy for putting his life on the line just to get the shot. However, Frank’s style, confidence and control allows him to treat unfathomable features as if it was his playground. Watching him stomp both massive and technical landings is comparable to watching a video game character on beast mode!

When we saw the teaser of the CBDayz Raw Files Series and learnt how many slams Frank takes to get the shot and how quickly he recovers, we decided it was time to call him to learn his cheat codes.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Photo Credit: @raph_sevigny

What if we told you that CBD was at the center of it all? From his fast recoveries to managing the stress of high-risk features. Today, Frank will be talking about his experience with CBD and his journey with the rider-driven CBD company, CBDayz. To honor Frank’s attitude of getting after it until he gets the shot, the CBDayz Raw Files includes Frank’s never-before-seen crashes. The crew at CBDayz invite all of us to follow the same CBD regimen that works so well for Frank. If you are not familiar with CBD, take a look here to understand why this isolated compound of the hemp plant has recently been drawing so much attention in the health industry. You will also get a better understanding of CBD’s relationship with the endocannabinoid system and receptors within the human body and why CBDayz is designing products to specifically help snowboarder related injuries.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

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Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Photo Credit: @frankbourg

So Frank, tell us; Is it true that you have recovered from all these injuries without using anything else other than CBD products?
Yeah man, I always hated the Oxycodone and other pills prescribed for pain. Those types of pills work efficiently with my pain but they leave my mind in a sort of numb euphoric state, which doesn’t allow me to be active and perform well. Using CBD Topicals allows me to heal my injuries faster and the CBD oil also helps me with the pain from slams without affecting my energy levels. Just looking at some of my snowboarder friends, I can be reminded of how dangerous going down the pill-taking route can be.

Some of my friends are still addicted to opioids to this day, so I’ve seen the side-effects and troubles of long term prescription pill taking. Everyone is different and has a different route, but that path was not for me.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

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Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Photo Credit: Huggy

Frank on the cover of SNOWBOARDER issue 29.1

Yes, that’s true about prescription pills. We probably all know someone in that situation. So then, it would make sense that healing with natural products is a much healthier route if it works. Have you noticed CBD helping you with anything other than managing pain? From what I’ve read, it seems like CBD has become very popular in helping with energy levels, anxiety, depression and relieving stress as well as pain. What’s your opinion on this?
In all honesty, I have to say yes to all that. CBD isn’t an addictive substance from what I have experienced, but I have to admit that I was using a full dropper of CBD tincture every time I was about to drop into a feature. With the stress of falling, the pressure of landing on film, mixed with a little bit of pain (and because there is so much adrenaline pumping), it was always easy to feel my anxiety significantly reduce after consuming a dropper of CBDayz.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Photo Credit: @benbilocq

Right! Those products must work if they relieve you from the anxiety of life or death decision making! So you fell in love with CBD and I assume the idea of joining the CBDayz Team started there?
Pretty much yeah, I was running out of CBD supply fast haha. But honestly, it was much more than that. Looking at DCP’s long snowboard career has always been inspiring to me, and he has always been a CBD preacher, so we got along pretty well. DCP is a co-founder of CBDayz so teaming up with him and the CBDayz crew just made sense to me. CBDayz has a rad team of clever minds, including farmers, scientists and business-savvy entrepreneurs from the action sports industries. All of them snowboard, skate and surf. It just felt right, both in what CBDayz makes and who is behind the brand. When the opportunity presented itself to join the team whose main mission is to create CBD to help our snowboard community at large recover faster so you can ride more (while also making chronic pain manageable, reducing anxiety and increasing energy levels in a balanced and natural way) It was a no brainer! In the past two years working with CBDayz, we’ve tested so many CBD products to ensure they work for riders and we’re so stoked on what we have to offer. Working with our product engineer Brad and making all our CBD out of Colorado, we’ve developed a product line that is strictly designed and adapted to help fight conditions that can restrain you from doing your favorite sports.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

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So Frank, explain a little how CBD works?
I’m just a snowboarder haha so I’m probably not the best guy in the CBDayz team to ask about this, but I’ll read something off the website that our scientists put together so I don’t mess it up. “CBD products target receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, which essentially balance the body’s nervous system. CBD binds to endocannabinoid receptors and helps to communicate to the rest of the body that everything is under control. It can calm inflammation that results from muscle pulls, ligament and tendon strains, as well as bruises; while also having profound positive effect on mood, energy and brain function…” It’s Science haha.

And which CBD product are you the most thrilled about?
Definitely the OG Muscle Gel 2000mg. It’s potent! This one is very strong in CBD and has shown incredible results for all of the team riders who participated in testing our products in the past 2 years. I am proud of that one because I know we developed one of the best and most efficient CBD topicals on the market for snowboarders.
Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Sounds awesome, I kind of want to test it out now. My knee hurts! haha
We’re here to help man. I will hook you up with some product to try.

Legend. So fill us in on these CBDayz Raw Files, what exactly is the Raw Files series?
The CBDayz Raw files are pretty much what it says, a mix of raw files from some terrible moments while filming for X-Games. Most of these shots have never been seen before. It is extremely hard to watch these shots for me because it reminds me of the pain. As sad as it can be, people do enjoy watching people eat shit on the internet. For me and my partners, CBDayz is about helping people recover faster and ride more often, and these videos show what truly goes down in the streets. It tells my true story about using CBD while filming the 3 X-Games video parts. It’s meant to inspire everyone not to give up. The Raw Files show that while some shots look like I land them on the first go, it can take a lot of carnage and overcoming pain and fear to accomplish your goals. Seen in another light, it represents the true essence of the CBDayz mission, to GET AFTER IT and aspire to a greater state of pleasure and well-being in your life.

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Frank Bourgeois CBDayz

Photo Credit: @willd.hunter

And who else has been testing out the products, and do you guys have other team athletes?
Yes of course. We have a stacked team of athletes, but with CBDayz, so far, choosing the team isn’t about who’s necessarily the hottest rider out there, but more about who we know will benefit from our formulas and also be able to keep testing our products properly so we can continuously develop the best products available on the market. Our team is real, we all truly get after it and use CBD. So this means riders like Haldor Helgason who is physically always pushing limits, Chad Otterstorm, who’s now over 40 years old but still goes out splitting up and shredding hard every day. In skateboarding, we have been working with Mark Appleyard, an ever-lasting legend who just recently released a part on Thrasher magazine at 37 years old. Surfer Sepp Bruwhiler has his own story of injuries and addiction that he manages with the use of CBD. There’s also Lonnie Kauk, who not only rips on his snowboards but he’s now also become one of the most elite rock climbers in the world. For him, using CBD topicals on his days off the rock is key. These are just some of the active, long running professionals with a lot of integrity who all support CBDayz because they know our products work and can help other people.
Frank does it right. While he smashes himself with what he does in snowboarding, he also takes care of his body in a healthy way and speaks highly of CBD. Go check out that OG Muscle Gel 2000mg Frank was just talking about. CBDAYZ is also giving SNOWBOARDER readers a 10% discount off their first order with the code puravida at checkout. As we say at CBDayz, Get After It!

“That journey with CBDayz has recently opened my eyes on how the endocannabinoid system is affecting my daily moods,” – DCP

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