Let’s be honest: blogging is very 2010. Typing unfiltered musings onto a personal webpage accompanied by a video and a photo or two feels very much like a throwback to another time — but that’s not a bad thing considering how we’re living in a future ravaged by COVID-19, murder hornets and TikTok.

Yes, the future turned out to be a giant bog-rail cutty, humanity flopping gracelessly into the trough of existence. So a little 2010 couldn’t hurt. The more the better, in fact, which brings us to Chapter 11 TV.

Dane Reynolds retired his ever-magnetic Marine Layer blog a few years back, but he hinted at his intent to dust off the keyboard back in February. Today, Reynolds has gone live with his first blog post on Chapter 11 TV, and it is truly something wonderful.

Click here to find the post, which features a new edit of Dane and friends with enough weird moments and obscure tunes to bring you right back to Marine Layer’s heyday. You’ll also find a highly entertaining scrawl from Dane about balancing surfing and fatherhood, the difficulty of producing worthy clips in California and what people should expect (or shouldn’t expect, actually) from Chapter 11 TV in the future.

The best part is an anecdote he shares about pulling into a tube at home and having to change his line when some kid ditches his board in the way. I’ll let Dane take it from here:

“I should snap on that kid” was my first thought.

Of course I would never because I hate bumming people out more than anything but I’ve been conditioned to think this is a worthy scenario for verbal abuse.

i grumble to myself “If you can’t hold on to your board in 2 ft surf you should be at a beginner spo-“

“Bro that was a SICK barrel!” He shouts which instantly disarms my thought process.

“Ha, yeah, that was a fun little one”

“BRO are you Dane?”

“Ha, yep…”

“Why aren’t you on tour anymore???”

“Cause I’m old and out of shape”

“Bro, but Kelly’s like 50 and he’s still doing IT!”

“Yeah I know… he should probably give it up”

“No way bro, NEVER give up on your dreams!”

This conversation is comical, his level of enthusiasm lifts my spirits.

“But you’re still a PRO SURFER right?”

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as a pro surfer anymore”

Kid was a little confused…

“Do you ever surf Tar Pits??”

Click here to check out Chapter 11 TV and bask in the warm sunshine of 2010.

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