With Logan Dulien’s highly anticipated “Snapt 4” just around the corner, teasers for the film are starting to drop online. This one, featuring Parker Coffin and Benji Brand at pumping Cloudbreak pre-COVID lockdowns, is 3 1/2 minutes of “throwaways” — a.k.a the best barrels of most surfers’ lives. This off-season Fiji strike trip was a total score, with Brand and Coffin getting ridiculously shacked. And is there a better wave in the world than Cloudbreak? Sure, there are heavier slabs and longer points, but at what other wave can you start with a stand up pit, hammer the lip, lay a huge carve and then get tubed again at the end? Cloudbreak is heaven on earth for a surfer. At least it is for goofyfoot tube hounds like Coffin and Brand. If these are their B-clips, “Snapt 4” is gonna be full of bangers.

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