Aside from the same three people I call in SF, ATL and Tampa for any and all advice, my mom is possibly the greatest “TED Talker” that has no idea what a TED Talk even is. Them old-school wisdom nuggets she throws around without even second guessing has gotten me out of some extremely troubling times when dealing with a lot of you weirdos a few ribs short of a BBQ. So, I’m gonna let y’all in on some of my mom’s little sayings that actually may help you moving forward.

Some Things, And Some People, You Just Have To Learn To Ignore
I know some of y’all lack basic self-control and simple words on a screen drive you into a frenzy. Look people, y’all gotta learn to take a deep breath, hit the power button and put the phone or laptop away for a minute. You can’t die on every hill out here. And honestly, most of the time you ain’t fixing the problem. Truth be told, most of y’all just love arguing and questioning everything like a child. Go do some push-ups or something productive. Tighten it up. Some things and some people simply do not deserve your time. Also, it’s okay to not have your phone in your hand at all times. Bunch of weirdos looking like Linus with his blanket out here.

There Ain’t No Maids Around Here
This applies to a lot of things in life. You can’t expect everyone to come clean up behind everything you do. I apply this to kitchen work, as well as my business model. And this is also why I do everything myself. Keep a low overhead and a basic menu. I don’t have any busboys, servers, dishwashers, etc. Why would I? People get offended when you ask them to clean, or keep it clean. They’ll be looking at you like, “There ain’t no maids around here.” My mom on the other hand, would say it to me when I left dirty dishes or my room uncleaned. So now when I look at my dirty dishes, guess what the first thing I say to myself is?

I’m Your Mother First. Let’s Not Get It Twisted Around Here!
This usually meant I did something not so great in my “favorite son” run. But what it actually meant was to check myself at the door. Can’t be talking to everybody like it’s your homies. I don’t know where y’all are from, or who didn’t raise some of you, but check your feelings and all that jaw-jacking at the door. Don’t ever get it twisted around here because you might end up getting ya beak slapped around ya head like Daffy Duck.

Stop Playing Around On The Internet
The internet is a very powerful tool. For years, I used it for everything from drunkenly trolling folks to getting your favorite albums weeks before they dropped. Don’t ask my plug, and it’s none of our business. Moving forward, as I’ve been on my wagon these last few months, one thing I’ve noticed is the amount of feedback from positive posts I’ve received. Plus, taking the time from looking for a problem to have on the internet to finding solutions for not only myself, but others, just seems like a better way to play around on the internet. I don’t got time to be arguing with you bored weirdos. My mom said I had to come in the house and do work. The payoff has been incredible. So like LeBron, I think I’ll stick to listening to my mom and my three close friends.

Ok, I’m literally writing this on my phone heading to Asheville. Got a pop-up at The Malvern tonight, it’s #wuwednesday at Monstercade back in Winston-Salem, and I’m soft opening my restaurant this weekend. Speaking of that, here’s the logo and tee from The Ollie Llama. Tees available exclusively at House of Rodan while supplies last. I gotta get some rest, and until next time. Peace.

Clyde Singleton

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