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Diesel Storm, his name suits his approach to wave riding perfectly; full throttle with immense power. A very focused young man, Diesel balances his determination with his warm demeanor and caring heart. Diesel’s love for the ocean doesn’t start or stop at the shoreline, he carries it with him wherever he goes and his actions speak louder than words. Having been mentored by many positive role models, like his uncle Keith “Bradda Skibs” Nehls, at a young age Diesel has been taking care of his beaches, parks, and trails in his beloved home on Hawai’i island. Working hard and doing the right thing is how Diesel has been raised and we applaud his parents Quinton and Laurie for instilling these valuable traits in him.

Diesel Storm Photo – Tai Van Dyke

Name: Diesel Storm Nainoa Yoshio Butts
Age: 15
Home Break: Honoli’i, Big Island
Home Town: Pepeekeo
Stance: Goofy Foot.
Power Surfer.
Volcom, Basic Image, Body Glove, Tokoro Surfboards, Bubble Gum Surf Wax, North Shore Surf Shop, DVM, Little Hands Hawaii Sunscreen, Ronin Sunglasses, The Alex & Duke De Rego Foundation, Stay Humble Pray, BJ Penn.

When did you first start surfing?
When I was 7 I entered my first surfing contest at Hakalau Mill. I won 1st place.
After that my dad would take me every day. I would come home from school and tell him “we go surf, we go surf.” I would practice daily and got better each day.

Diesel Storm Photo – Bruno Lemos

Duke Kahanumoku, Sunny Garcia, Zeke Lau, Makua Rothman, Mikey O’Shaunessy, The Moniz Brothers.

Biggest Wave?
When I was 9, during Hurricane Iselle. The wave I rode was 10 ft Hawaiian. Also, Waimea bay this past winter. The waves were huge around 30-40ft. Faces. 15-20 ft Hawaiian. That was the first time I ever surfed Waimea Bay and I was taking off on the bombs and I was in the peak (not on the shoulder lol)

Surfing Goals?
To win Nationals. I was close so many times. I won Regionals before. At nationals I usually make it to the finals and always get second place. (I lost by less than half a point 2 years in a row.)

Another goal of mine is to surf Jaws…and to one day become the World Champion.

Favorite Surfers?
Too many!

Contest or Free Surf? Free surf! Surfing is an expensive sport. Contest fees, boards, air fare, surfboards air fees. It all adds up. And, sometimes contests can be political.

Hobbies other than surfing?
Jiu jitsu, I love to hunt and dive!
Where I live we are lucky we can drive our Polaris to the Mauka to hunt wild boars and to the Makai to dive, fish, and surf. On weekends we do Beach clean ups with Uncle Skibs the Basic image crew and also I help teach water safety and ocean awareness with The Alex & Duke De Rego Foundation.

Doing anything from the mountain to the ocean. (Mauka 2 Makai)

Keeping Still. And staying focused. I get bored easily.

Diesel Storm Photo – Bruno emos

Tokoro-5”8 Squash
Tokoro-5”8 Round tail
Tokoro-5”9 Round tail
Tokoro-6”6 Round pin
Tokoro-6”10 Round pin

Instagram? @diesel808storm

Any last words?
Work hard. keep on going, stay positive, never give up and Always believe in YOUrself. And Represent. The Native Hawaiian Surfers don’t get as much acknowledgement. There’s a lot of good talented Native Hawaiian surfers out there. It’s just that we don’t get as much media. Our Native Hawaiian ancestors invented surfing yet we are being left out.
“Winners Are Losers Who Never Gave Up.”



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