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Combining design cues from the Falcon and Strike, the new Blitz is Fanatic SUP’s all-around stand up paddle racing machine for every condition.

Get ready for one great ride!  See the buzz in the video below on how this board stacks up against the Fanatic Falcon and Strike.

Fanatic SUP Raceboards:  Made with Winning in Mind

The Blitz shape is completely redesigned for 2022 as part of a team effort between shaper Kai Nicolas Steimer and world class SUP racers Arthur Arutkin and Christian Andersen.

Using both design expertise and athletic prowess as part of their R&D process for Fanatic SUP’s raceboards, it is easy to understand the brand’s confidence in every product.  Here is a quick rundown on their three main designs: the Falcon, the Blitz and the Strike.

Basti Grimm showcases the quickness and maneuverability of the Blitz in a downwind run.
Photo by: Oliver Farys

Fanatic SUP:  The FALCON

Fanatic’s tried & tested downwind racer, the Falcon’s updated board design includes additional volume in the nose for powering through chop and changes to the rails for enhanced maneuverability. The end result is a board of dynamic surfing speed with maximized control, efficiency and stability.

The Falcon is available in 14 x 24 and 14 x 26 board widths.

No stranger to all terrain conditions, Christian Anderson puts the Blitz through its paces. Photo by: Oliver Farys

Fanatic SUP: The BLITZ

Unfazed by aggressive chop, padding in big surf, or sprinting on flat water, the Blitz excels when the going gets tough. This newly designed Fanatic all-around racing paddleboard offers a semi recessed deck for better transfer of power, increased grip, balance and positional awareness. In addition, the added V on the nose keeps water moving off to the sides and out of the recessed deck. Also, the sharper nose also gives this board a better flatwater glide and maneuverability through the chop.

The BLITZ is available online in 14 x 23.5 and 14 x 25.5 widths.

Each raceboard, Falcon, Blitz or Strike, is available in Fanatic’s costum carbon sandwich or PVC construction for different price points for consumers. Photo by: ddbphotographie

Fanatic SUP:  The STRIKE

Designed exclusively for speed, the Strike‘s unique shape gives the stability of a wider board and the efficiency of a narrower one. With a slimmer outline and a double concave up front on the bottom which narrows to a single concave, Kai Nichols Steimer (shaper) made sure all 14 feet of this board was put to one use:  SPEED. This is Fanatic’s fastest board, designed primarily for flatwater races.

The STRIKE is available in: 14 x 20, 14 x 22.5 and 14 x 25 widths.

Whatever style, width and design you chose, Fanatic’s designs will help you enjoy the ride and come out smiling!

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