Seemingly every surf hamlet around the globe has ‘em. The underground ripper, who — when the surf turns on — emerges from the woodwork (literally or figuratively) of their staid nine-to-fiver and simply rules the lineup; best style, incalculable power, catches all the bombs, etc. 

A phenomenon, sure. But one we’re all familiar with. So much so, our own Justin Housman even dedicated an entire feature to the “Mysto surfer.” 

But a recent short makes the case that Australia’s brand of mysto surfer may in fact be on a different level than the subterranean shredders at your local. From filmmaker Spencer Frost, “Locals Only” finds a quartet of nonprofessional surfers — Beau Cram (carpenter), Karl Atkins (landscape gardener), Paul “Bass” Stanton (computer programmer), Nick Laidlaw (movement and health Coach) — executing some professional-grade air drops and tube navigation during a recent run of groundswell on Australia’s East Coast. It’s clear this local crew rolls hard.

Click play to watch some tradies trade tunnels. 

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