If you’re in and around San Diego County this weekend–and you’ve got a board or two collecting dust in the corner of your garage (you know, the one behind your Christmas decorations and gardening tools)–do yourself a favor and stop by The Rising Co. in Oceanside on Saturday to partake in a homegrown, rootsy “Surf Swap”.

The Rising Co is a cooperative store owned by Julie and Grant Ellis (Grant spent nearly two decades as photo editor of SURFER magazine), who will be hosting a swap of all things surf goods related in the parking lot fronting their shop. Wanting to change up your quiver? Bring a board you’re ready to hang up. Thinking about changing your fin set-up? Come with a set you’d like to get rid of. Your kid way too big for his wetsuit now? Bring that too.

Tanner Gudauskas will also set up a swap station in the parking lot, ready and willing to trade old VHS surf movies with you. During the COVID-19 lockdown, in an effort to stay connected with other surfers, Gudauskas started live-streaming his old VHS tapes on YouTube and interviewing the main stars of each movie he’d feature. Now Gudauskas is keeping that same vibe alive with The Outreach, and this weekend, he’ll set up a viewing station at Rising Co (consisting of a small TV and his library of VHS tapes) so you can get stoked in person.

Other good times will be had at the event, with a live DJ, mocktails, food and all sorts of Father’s Day gifts on hand throughout the day. If you’re interested and in the area, check out the relevant info below:

Here’s more from the Rising Co website:


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