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With international travel pretty much impossible at the moment, there’s no better time to explore within the United States. When the first tropical system of the 2020 hurricane season spun up in the Atlantic, a crew of the Northeast’s finest — Balaram Stack, Tommy Ihnken, Rob Kelly, and Terence Doll — packed an RV full of surfboards, fishing gear, fireworks and beer and set off on a 500-plus mile trip from New Jersey to Maine, hunting surf and fish at every nook and cranny along the way. While the summer system didn’t produce anything special (at least not surf wise), it was clearly still a hell of a good time. Because who doesn’t want to drink beer and light off fireworks back at camp after a day of surfing? With the brunt of hurricane season just starting to kick up along the East Coast, and combo swells starting to light up California, this could serve as a good blueprint anyone looking to spice up their domestic surf adventures.

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