Three years in the making, the follow up to Logan Doulien’s third installment of unapologetically early 2000s-throwback surf film Snapt 3 is hotly anticipatedkinda like how surf film premieres were in the early 2000s. 

No doubt the well-regarded filmmaker has already stacked a mountain of worthy clips. Evidence of Doulien’s painstaking curation process exists in the form of a new compilation of top-notch surfing from the eminently watchable Jack Robinson. The clip–featuring deep and precarious tube rides and sky-high airs–is what qualifies in whatever world is being cooked for Snapt 4 as B-roll. All four minutes of it. 

It’s a worthy watch. But, more importantly, the footage serves as quite the delectable hors d’oeuvre before the full Snapt 4 main course, whenever Doulien’s ready to dish it out.  

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