Over the past week, the 2023 SAMBAZON World Junior Championships hosted by Best Western ran at Seaside Reef in Encinitas, California. The 20-and-under rippers were met with absolutely pumping waves for the majority of the contest, letting the competitors flex their talents in world-stage-worthy conditions.

Past World Junior Champs have gone on to shake up the ‘CT and the surf industry at large, including the likes of Andy Irons, Gabriel Medina, Sally Fitzgibbons and Jordy Smith. And as of this afternoon, Australia’s Jarvis Earl and Portugal’s Francisca Veselko have been added to that list of legends.

These wins have catapulted the two victors onto the Challenger Series, making them one step away from making it onto the World Tour. Keep an eye out for more from these young guns and hit play on the above and below to rewatch their final performances against runners-up Levi Slawson and Sawyer Lindblad.

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