Welcome to the fifth installment of “AMA From More Than 6-Feet Away”, SURFER’s new interview series wherein the world’s best surfers answer questions submitted by fans via social media in an effort to keep our little surf community well-connected in this time of social-distancing. In this episode, Maui’s Kai Lenny, the most well-rounded big-wave surfer in the world right now, speaks enthusiastically about his Taco Bell consumption, his mental preparation for charging massive waves, the longest hold-down of his life (“1 minute, with an inflation vest”), his heaviest wipeout to date, and so much more. “If nothing else, I’ll just look up and enjoy the view, knowing nobody else in the world is seeing this right now,” Lenny says, about his mindset while getting smashed in big surf. “But, it’s always way more fun when you get caught inside with a friend. Misery loves company, I guess.”

Watch this interview with Lenny, and then check out our other “AMA From More Than 6-Feet Away” episodes with John John Florence here, Jordy Smith here, Albee Layer here, and Carissa Moore here.

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