With the release of the stochastic, Riot grrrl-influenced “Doll Riot,” it was made abundantly clear that 20-something San Clemente logger Karina Rozunko wished to define herself on her own terms. And the new short “Angel Gone”–which like “Doll Riot” proffers noisy film filters, lo-fi garage rock, and effortlessly stylish surfing in a kind of highly watchable, conceptual-art melange–only serves to expound on Rozunko’s vision. To the lazy cadre of surf journalists–a lackadaisical, white male majority who tend to lob descriptors like “soulful”, “graceful”, or “gorgeous” at any female-fronted surf edit that comes across our screens (guilty!)–Rozunko continues to enlighten and entertain, while simultaneously prompting us to reach for our thesaurus. 

Rozunko’s creative streak is clearly an authentic one. And beyond her uninhibited imagination,  “Angel Gone” proves Rozunko’s surfing–an enviable balance of imaginative improv and stylish stoicism–remains distinctive. Click play above to watch why Rozunko has fast-become one of the most magnetic young surfers today. 

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