Great NEWS! Since the end of August we can take you to Denmark for your next kitesurf holiday. More precisely, you can find KiteWorldWide in Fjand Badeby now, which is located directly at a large shallow water Fjord, called Nissum Fjord and about half an hour north of Hvide Sande and Kitespot “Kloster”. The special thing about the two kitespots is that you can either kite on the North Sea and improve your wavekite skills or you can learn to kite and practice freestyle tricks on the shallow water fjord.

On the 28th of August the KiteWorldWide and the Kiteboarding-Events Team arrived in Denmark and was welcomed with bright sunshine and best wind. A few hours later everything was set up and ready for the first guests in KiteWorldWide Village Denmark.Team

The greatest joy, or should we say anticipation, for the team is always to set up and assemble the new kite material. So many new boards, bindings, pumps and kites! We have the latest kite material from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding for you guys on site.

The first session on the fjord near Fjand Badeby was also successful and fortunately there is more than enough space for everyone. And as you can see, the water is pretty flat, so perfect for a freestyle session or to learn kitesurfing.

And there is also enough time for a “short” break and a good book directly at the water in the warm sun of Denmark, because the life here in Denmark is “Hygge” that means living without stress or that constant feeling of being in a hurry. Kite vacation with dog? Sure! There is enough space for the dogs and they are more than happy to join. We will keep you up to date, until then a friendly Danish “Vi Ses”.

Here is an overview of all event dates:

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