Nirvana Ortanez makes the latest appearance on The Bomb Hole, dropping by the set to talk growing up surfing, her start at Mt. High, High Cascade dish-to-ride, Soy Sauce nation. filming for SNOWBOARDER’s new movie, Tangle, the current environment for women in snowboarding, jobs, photography, aliens and more!

From The Bomb Hole desk:
Inclusion on the slopes, Soy Sauce Nation, the current state of women’s snowboarding, an anticipated video part for 2020 and even some talk about Aliens! This week we sit down with Nirvana Ortanez and talk about her journey from riding the slopes of California’s Mountain High to shredding with some of snowboardings most progressive riders in Snowboarder Mag’s upcoming movie release “Tangle”. Nirvana gives us a fresh look on snowboarding from an Asian women’s perspective. She is down to earth and one of the nicest personality’s in the snowboard community and is also this week’s guest on The Bomb Hole!

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