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Skateboarding is so many things to so many people. It might be a first class flight to a foreign country or back down in the soggy bed of a truck, roaring up the highway on a week-long skate mission. We have big guys and little guys. And we have a colorful melange of others scattered in the middle.

Then there’s the ones who are unattached from it all. The ones chasing their own curious tails. The adventurers who drive five-hundred miles to an empty pool, find it barricaded with a rusty chain link fence, cut it, clean it and start the session. The ones who like to build and work and craft. The ones who can fix anything, given the right tools. And the ones who will.

That’s who I’m talking about.

Born in the greys and greens of Portland, Oregon, Leatherman is no stranger to innovation. The PNW manufacturer has been making tools since 1983—since CASL contests were still held at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. That’s thirty-seven years of dedication. The fearless attitude and risk-taking Leatherman puts forth is admirable, any skateboarder can attest, but the amount of use you can gain from pulling seven ounces of steel out of your pocket…that’s really what makes Leatherman products special. Unlike those big clunky multi-tool box sets, Leatherman is known for packing its guts with everything you need at a price that almost makes you feel guilty.

FREE K2 (Filling The Cracks)
One of my favorite features about the FREE K2, besides the blade itself, is the mini-pry. You’re at a spot with a huge crack in the runway—a bucket of bondo can become your best friend. Having the mini-pry available at the ready, you’ll never be fumbling around your trunk for random items to crack it open. Use the blade to smooth the surface, scrape unwanted remnants and boom—spot liberated.


FREE T4 (Beyond The Board)
Think beyond your bearings and trucks and bolts. Think of that crusty spot and your fresh palm wound and having tweezers to pick at the bloody debris. Scissors to cut bandages. At 3.6 inches and weighing just over four ounces, the T4 is there for the vulnerable times in your life because often those are the moments that make the best memories. Kick some dirt in any direction and it will graze someone who’s been in a pinch without the right tools. With the T4 in your pocket, the dust will pass by.


Free T4

FREE P4 (For The True Skate Adventurer)
We’re inching toward the cream of the crop with the P4. It’s been deemed the most advanced multipurpose tool ever made, and it’s hard to argue. For those who believe in packing light and living heavy. Twenty-one tools, from a can opener to multiple Phillips screwdriver heads to wire cutters. Whether you seek mountains and trees as much as the next spot or skatepark, nothing will slow down your next skate mission with the P4 in your pocket.

Free P4

Free P4

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