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A love of water and wind take the F-ONE team riders on a mythic adventure to explore the north coast of Corsica through kite boarding, wing foiling and foil surfing.  Watch this short film, LIBECCIO for a break from the ordinary.

LIBECCIO:  An exploration into everywhere

Libeccio is a favored strong southwesterly wind which dominates the coast of northern Corsica all year long. It is known to frequently raise high seas and may proceed violent westerly squalls. For wind lovers, it is a constant source of inspiration.

Watch this 10-minute short film above to drop into the next set of waves, gust of wind and ocean pulse as F-ONE explores the iconic northern coast of Corsica by kite boarding, wing foiling and foil surfing to maximize all the ways libeccio gives.

“2020 was a year like no others.

Luckily we are passionate about the ocean, which means that even when stuck at home not being able to ride, we always have something to look forward to. Libeccio is about freedom, rediscovering traveling and being together. In these troubled times, we hope for more riding days to enjoy the ocean no matter what the conditions.”

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This is a brand that lives on innovation.

F-ONE Team Riders featured: 
Liam Whaley,
Maxime Chabloz,
Mitu Monteiro,
Marcela Witt,
Paul Serin,
Mickaël Fernandez,
Julien Salles

Watch another film from the coast of France with MANERA’s team riders

Manera is a sister company to F-ONE, featuring top tier wetsuits, accessories and more.

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