This collection of clips is a brief look into the film I made back in 2009. This film ended up getting made because I needed to make a project for school and this was the result. Here is the what the back cover of the DVD said:
BLACK WATER: The dirty water, the shit and piss, the jenkum that accumulates in an RV tank. This trip had almost no plan and was destination-less. All we knew was we wanted to go south for some warmer weather during the dead of winter. The rest of the trip was planned in the RV with the other ten guys. Basically, what you put in is what you get out in most situations, and this trip was it. Ten people in an RV, living with each other, has the good and the bad, and this film is a documentation of that. On and off the board, this film takes a look at what happens as these guys trek through some of America’s southland.
You can watch the full film here.
If you want a copy of the actual DVD, get at me on Instagram: @stephenmmarino

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