When the biggest southern hemi swell of the year popped up on the charts recently, Griffin Colapinto, Ian Crane, Mike Dunphy and Nat Young decided to book an international flight to the only country that would take them: Mexico. After all, after six-months in COVID quarantine (i.e. surfing crowded as hell Lower Trestles), the crew needed to stretch their legs, shake off the rust, and remember what it looked like being inside of a tube. Upon arrival in Mex, they found a pair of empty rights and spent the weekend ripping the shit out of them. This 19-minute edit brings us along on a rare 2020 surf trip with a crew of close friends, that also happen to be some of the best surfers in the world. Highlights abound, but Colapinto’s carves in this clip are on another level (even from last year), and Crane’s backside barrel riding is a thing of beauty — especially the foam wrangling drone clip towards the end. Go ahead, click play now.

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