Married to the Streets is Fiancé Skate and Jordan Gnat’s newest video. A compilation of footage from South Carolina skateboarders and South Carolina spots produced over the past two years. Street skating in SC has many challenges, however like any good relationship, it takes love and commitment to keep going. The love for good times and skating with our family keeps us going!
We have a big crew of homies that have been skating together for almost a decade. We want share the love and passion for skating that we have and showcase the flourishing skate scene of South Cacka! Our goal is to push creativity, mental health, exploration, growth, and hard work. We are a family, a community, and most importantly skaters who were brought together out of a shared love for this affair from everyday life.
We appreciate you taking the time to check out our work. Find us on Instagram or YouTube to see more good times and check our merch. Please come visit us, if you’re ever in SC you have some friends waiting to skate with you and show you that famous southern hospitality. Everyone’s on, no ones off.
Much love to Blazer, Blutile, Continuum, Sk8 CHS, Heavyweight GA, and Home for Skateboarding for keeping the SC scene going. See y’all soon!”—Bo Mitchell

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