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Introducing a new line of inflatables at an affordable price, SurfStar SUP makes a move on the watersports market.

SurfStar SUP iSUP inflatable

SurfStar SUP:  Customer Oriented & Lifestyle Brand

SurfStar SUP makes inflatable paddle boards that perform, no matter what experience you’re looking for. With a curated yet diverse selection of inflatable boards, ranging from a fun, all-purpose 10’6 x 33″ build to a fierce, 12’6 x 30″ racing build, both the newbie and the advanced paddler can find an option that they can depend on.

SurfStar stand up paddle boards combine the convenience of owning an inflatable with the reliability of a hard board. For travel convenience, the entire board plus kit packs into a backpack once deflated.

(Learn how to properly deflate and store
your inflatable SUP HERE)

The board’s construction includes a military-grade PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which gives reliability and durability from your SurfStar SUP. In addition, the small but mighty hand-pump included with every model will have your board inflated and you out on the water in as little as five minutes!

All SUP board models have grab handles, wide bottom fins, and anti-slip stability features on the deck.

SurfStar SUP inflatable stand up paddleboard
SurfStar SUP kit comes with military-grade PVC board with non-slip EVA deck pad, cross chain bungee straps up front and in back, wide bottom fins, leash, backpack and the mighty hand pump. Photo: SurfStar SUP

SurfStar’s Core Value = Building Trust through Good Experience

SurfStar is a customer-oriented brand that cares deeply about the user experience. Their designers are selected from the top of the watersports design industry who are also avid stand up paddlers themselves. Their mission is to engage the watersports community through quality products in order to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle and raise awareness about the vulnerable nature of our aquatic environment.

SurfStar’s values are reflected in every step of the buying process. Having been in business for over a decade, the brand dedicates themselves to fulfilling peoples’ SUP dreams in the hope that they will spend more quality time with their family on the water. Whether you’re learning to SUP for the first time or planning your next surfing trip, give inflatable paddleboards a try with SurfStar.

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