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Watersports giant, Naish release new Wing-Surfer setup with board, foil and wing sizes for 2021.  The range is extensive. The outlook, bright. Check it out.

Naish Wind Surfer 2021 Robby Naish
Naish releases powerful lineup of new wing sizes, foil setups and stand up paddling equipment for 2021. Get ready! It’s gonna be one great ride. Photo by: @frankiebees /Naish Foil

2021 Wing-Surfer from Naish

The 2021 Naish lineup of Wing-Surfer’s includes new sizes for the wing and foil. Check it out.

Wing Sizes:  2.2 | 2.8 | 3.6 | 4.6 | 5.3 | 6.0 | 6.8

This season’s all new Naish Wing-Surfer is packed with design features to carry this rapidly evolving sport well into the future. Naish started with the basic wing outline, and refined the leading-edge curve of each size wing to maximize drive, balance, and stability in its given wind range.

Robby Naish talks about
the aerodynamics of flying the wing


Naish Wing-Surfer Hover Wing foil
Photo by: Frankie Bees/ Naish Foil

Naish Wing-Surfer Refinements for 2021

Here are the specifics:

  • Panel count has been reduced for lighter weight, yet not overly simplified, ensuring that optimum foil shape is retained.
  • Leading edge diameters have been increased in the center of the wing to provide a substantially more rigid air frame
  • The center strut diameter increased for stiffness and better control in higher winds and jumping.
  • Everyone, including heavier riders, will appreciate the immediate sheet-in-and-go, providing improved low end and upwind performance, as well as strong wind stability and control. Some riders find that they are now be able to use a wing that’s one size smaller in the same wind conditions than they would have previously.
  • Handle count has been reduced, with repositioned handles in the right locations for maximum performance and comfort.
  • New removable and adjustable Y-handles between the leading edge and strut provide added tune-ability to the wing.
  • A neoprene pad under the front handle adds extra comfort when handling your wing, or luffing while riding swells or waves.
  • The windows on the Wing-Surfer have been redesigned and repositioned to maximize functionality and safety while reducing their overall size.
  • New internal reinforcements and advancements have been made in seam construction, especially in high load areas such as strut to leading edge connection and strut to canopy stress points — all contributing to a stronger and longer-lasting wing.

Naish Wing-Surfer

Naish 2021 foil range Hover board
Hover Wing Foil boards set the standard in design for 2021. Photo by: @frankiebees/ Naish Foil

Hover Foil Boards = One Board, Many Conditions

The previous generation of the Naish Hover Wing Foil boards set the standard in design, construction, and weight for the category. This new range of boards is perfectly suited for wing surfing, or to be used as a SUP foil board, SUP downwind foil board, or prone foil surf.

Changes include a more overall rail curve in the outline, slightly narrower tail, increased nose rocker, and more pronounced bottom shaping and concave. Multiple foot strap insert positions, including wider stance options, give riders the opportunity to choose between a windsurfing style, double front strap setup, or a single surf style setup. The 60 L, 50 L, and 40 L boards are well suited for surf foiling. The rocker is perfectly balanced so the board flies smoothly parallel to the water surface. Track boxes have been moved further back to better match with the multitude of different foils that riders may pair with each board. The increased tail kick behind foil boxes combined with the beveled rail guarantees easy take-offs and sufficient clearance in turns.

The carbon ultra layup, which now includes extra rail cap reinforcements and Kevlar patches in high-stress areas, gives these boards the lightweight edge, minimizing swing weight and enhancing overall performance.

Utilizing an S-Glass/wood sandwich construction with carbon and kevlar reinforcements, the GS is available in 110L and 125L. The hover wing/foil GS offers the same shape and overall performance as its carbon ultra siblings in a more durable and affordable construction.

Naish Wing Foil Boards

Naish Foil 2021

New in the Foil Range for 2021

New this season in the Naish foil range include:  Jet HA 1040 and 2450.

Naish Foil Complete Setups

Thanks, Naish. Let’s get out there.  See you on the water!

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