It seems like nothing can curb the stoke of core pod lords Aussies Vaughan Blakey and Jed Smith, hosts of the raging good and almost-worryingly surf-obsessed audio experience “Ain’t That Swell” (now with accompanying video!). Open-ended global pandemic? No, sweat — the fellas will just fashion themselves a doomsday bunker and continue to yowl their stoke into the void. 

Not surprisingly, the Swellians have a lot to be fired up about. According to Blakey’s calculations, an estimated “40 consecutive swells” have lit up the east coast of Australia this winter. What’s more, the blokes landed an all-time guest to discuss topics of import–including the incessant run of waves. Introduced as the “King of the cone,” and the “pied piper of Pipeline,” as well as a “helmet wearing Hellman,” Owen Wright, AKA the “Big O” joins the crew, and indulges Smith and Blakey as they run through a “Big O”-flavored sendup of the midcentury American program “This is Your Life.” SURFER’s own Todd P. to discuss all things happening here at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The two-plus hours of surf-related banter includes more froth than doom and gloom, to be sure — a revelation during these depressing times. And it’s certainly worth putting in your earholes.

Hit play above and below to hear one of our favorite (favourite?) “Ain’t That Swell” episodes, yet.

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