Welcome to the fourth installment of our weekly quarantine watchlist–which, if you’re marking it on your calendars, means us Californians have officially been on lockdown for close to a month now. And, by the look of things, it seems we’ll be under stay-at-home orders for (at least) a few more weeks.

But don’t let the walls close in on you. Stay strong, stay sane and let this new batch of curated surf films transport you from the reality of incessant news and chest-tightening anxiety into fantastical worlds where the sun is shining and the waves are pumping and ever-hollow. This week our staff recs include John John’s 2013 hit “Done”, everyone’s favorite Volcom film “Creepy Fingers”, a new California-focused surf film titled “3.26” and “Rip 2: Fully-Ripped”, Drag Co.’s 42-minute montage “of horizontal (and vertical) wave debauchery.”

Also, since you’ve still got plenty of time to kill, check out Volume I of our weekly quarantine watchlist here, here for Volume II and here for Volume III.

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