We’re sad to report that local L.A. skater Vincent Nava passed away this weekend after being involved in a car crash. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time. A friend has set up a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses. The link is below.

From his GoFundMe page:

“For everyone who knew him, Vincent was one of the most talented skateboarders to ever skate the streets of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. His passion for skateboarding was evident because he lived and breathed it everyday of his life. His natural talent and dedication to his craft began opening so many doors and career opportunities that he both deserved and worked hard for. Unfortunately, his beautifully amazing and talented life was tragically cut short in a car accident. As we all hoped and prayed for him to pull through, God had different plans. As a result, Vincent’s family lost one of the most loving, compassionate, and loyal human beings anyone would ever know. Now having to deal with the insurmountable grief, the family has to begin making funeral arrangements for a life that was taken way too soon. To help Vincent’s family as much as possible, we have created this GoFundMe page in an effort to take care of all the funeral expenses to help ease the trauma just a bit. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated! If you cannot donate, please help spread the word to anyone you can. Vincent, may you rest in paradise our angel! ‘Like a shooting star flyin’ across the room. So fast, so far. You were gone too soon.’”

Rest In Peace Vincent.

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