Why do lots of people search “Skate Shops Near Me” in the Internet? I am sure that many of them get bored with online shopping. They no longer believe much in the ads which online shops keep exaggerating. So, they decide to drop in real stores to pick the best skateboards for their game. Is it your way, too

You can get more information of specifications, customer reviews or even comparison online. Then, it is time to find out a reliable place, buy favorite products directly rather than waiting for days of shipping.

But, how can you filter out all information and choose the right one? By what way can you select the best products for your skateboarding? Do not worry since It is not hard at all. I will share it.

What Is the Best Skate Shop?

What Is the Best Skate ShopAs searching for the best skate shops near me, I often bear three options in my mind. Let’s name them Option A, Option B, and Option C, respectively.

  • Option A: Looking for shops which offer products from numerous brands.
  • Option B: Visiting stores of big brands right away.
  • Option C: Choosing prestigious local skate makers.

In case that you only prepare a tight budget for a new skateboard, I recommend the Option A and Option C.

For the A, these shops provide many products at different price ranges. It is easier for you to compare them as well. My favorite destination for this option is Tony Hawk.

Also, if you love surfing on customized skates, the C is the best match with your demand. Plus, heavy riders should try the Option C, too. The makers know how to make the skate which can withstand your body weight well. When I ask some professionals for advice, the C is also their suggestion for the best style matching.

What is about the Option B? Honestly, I choose it when I searched for my very first skateboard. At that time, I did not have much knowledge or any idea about the skateboard style. Big brands often offer high-quality products with satisfaction guarantee. So, I highly recommend the Option B for beginning skaters.

Besides the Option A, B, C, there are many second-hand skate shops. They are worth trying as well as you are an experienced player.

After picking one in three option, I will base on three other elements to assess the shops. They include:

  • Before-visiting elements
  • Customer service
  • Product display

Let’s explore each of them.

Before-Visiting Elements

Before-Visiting ElementsThe first thing to do is to search “Skate Shops Near Me” on Google. It will show you a lot of options. Clicking the recommendation, you will see whether the shops offer the products you are looking for.

But the thing I suggest you focus on is the customer review. I usually pay much attention to the stars ranked on each shop. Then you have a look at customer feedback.

If you do not have much time to search for information, you can contact the shops via a live chat. You ask them about products as well as address to make sure that they are near your place.

Customer Service

Customer ServiceWhen visiting shops, customer service is one of the most important things to consider. There are four elements which I care at most, including the positive atmosphere, polite manner, catalog, and service helpfulness.

A positive atmosphere makes you feel comfortable to come and choose skateboards. Let’s imagine that you drop in a shop and staff welcome you without a smile on their face. Not only that, they seem not to be willing to introduce products in the shop. If I were you, I would step out of the shop immediately.

The second point is whether they give you a free catalog or not. It is not that the staff introduction can help you know about their products entirely. Many shops tend to focus only on driving customers to choose expensive products.

The third one is the way the shop package skateboards for you to bring home. Despite being a little detail, it helps you know more about their customer service.

Product Display

Product DisplayThe reason I mention the product display is quality. Why? If products are in the right arrangement, you can consider it easier. Moreover, a suitable show also means no mess, no dust as well as no signs of deforming, discoloring on skateboards.

How Do I Search for Skate Shops Near Me?

Search for Skate Shops Near MeSkaters living in big cities often find a local skate shop easier than those who do not. Thanks to a quick search, you can find out what you want regarding skateboards.

If you use the Google search, I suggest you try some popular terms. They are skate shops near me”, “skateboard shops near me”, “skateboard shop near me” or “skate shop near me”.

Also, the locator tool is another option, too. I highly recommend Google Map. When visiting the shop website or Facebook fan page, you can check their location to see whether it is near yours or not.

What If There Are No Skate Shops Near Me, What Will I Do Then?

There Are No Skate Shops Near MeIt is not that you can find out skate shops anywhere you go. Or, sometimes, you live in places where are quite remote, and no skate scene is available in your area. For such cases, I suggest you go to the Internet.

Undoubtedly, online shopping gets more and more popular these days. Tons of retailers offer what you want without wasting so much time. They even have more options than the local ones do.

One of the most fantastic destinations for your online shopping is Amazon. It seems to have everything in the world. More that than, on special occasions like Black Friday, there are many fascinating promotions for you to enjoy.

Moreover, with a specific value of products, you may get free shipping. The online retailers make sure satisfied customer service as well when you buy their products.

How Much Should You Spend on a Skateboard?

Spend on a SkateboardNo one has an exact answer to this question. Honestly, it depends on some factors as followings:

  • Which brand will you choose to buy a skateboard, a big or a small brand?
  • Are the materials of the skateboard good, the high quality, expensiveness or cheapness?
  • What is the type of your desired skateboards?
  • Do you require extra components such as risers and stickers?

The price of skateboards often ranges in three different levels.

  • From $100 to $200: It may be the highest price range I know for skateboards. Famous high-end brands, namely, Sector 9 and Santa Cruz, often sell their skates between $100 to $200.
  • From $35 to $65: Besides the high-end names, there are many medium-range providers. They make up a considerable percentage of the market share. Some of these brands include Sk8mafia, Baker, Bamboo Skateboards, Element, Powell-Peralta, and Birdhouse. Their skateboards often cost $35 to $65.
  • From $12 to $15: If you have already joined in this skating game with a tight budget, you can search on the e-commerce system like Amazon and Walmart. The price only ranges from $12 to $15.

However, choosing a cheap skateboard is never my top recommendation. The low-price range can hardly ensure high quality. But the exception sometimes comes. I mean that it could be big deals from brands, for example.

In case that you still want to stay in this budget, you can try to buy separated skateboard components. Then, you go to customizing makers and complete your skates. By this way, I am sure that you can save a lot of money.

Tips for Choosing the Best Skateboards

Choosing the right skate shops does not mean that you want the right skateboards. A big shop provides both expensive high-quality skates and a cheap low-quality one. So, how can you differentiate them and pick the best skates for your demand? Followings will be things to help.


StylesBasing on your usage and liking, there are some suggestions of skateboard style to choose.

A shortboard

Skaters often ride this style of skateboards when they have tended to do the park skating or learn skating tricks. Do as its name be, the short-designed board makes it easier for riders to get air and do some tricks.

You can also use the shortboard for casual riding. However, it is not as versatile as the longboard and penny board, especially for the longer distance.

A longboard

If you love cruising, you honestly should choose a longboard. The main feature of this type is the heavy and bulk structure. It means that the longboard does not do well with tricks. But the board shows excellent performance with long rides.

A longboard usually is 34 inches in length. Because of being longer than a regular skateboard, the longboard is perfect to balance on. So, I highly recommend it for beginners.

Lightweight penny boards

Riding on a lightweight penny board helps you to have easy transportation. This type is nearly the same as the longboard. But it is lighter and more portable.

The length of penny boards is from 22 inches to 27 inches. People often make it with the lightweight plastic so that the board does not trouble you to carry all day long.

Despite being similar to the longboard, the penny board is not suitable for tricks. If you plan to learn some skating tricks, do never choose this type.

Sizes and Shapes of Decks

Sizes and Shapes of DecksThe skateboard decks come with four different sizes. People measure these sizes of the board basing on the width. The four includes full size, mid-size, micro, and mini.

The micro board has the 6.5-.75 width. It is suitable for kids who are under 5 years old.

The mini board gets a width of 7 inches. This size performs well with kids (from 6 to 8 years).

For the mid-size one, it is the most common deck size for beginning kids. With this option, you should choose shoes which size is 7 or 8.

As for adults, a board with full deck size is the best choice. It usually is 7.5 inches or wider.

You can base on the following chart to choose the right sizes.

Materials for Decks

Materials for DecksAs for materials, the skateboard often comes with the Canadian Maple. It is on of the most common options for the high stability. Besides, two other ones include Bamboo and Baltic Birch plywood. You can find them with high-quality skateboards on the market today.

Another choice for those who care much about the material is the plastic. However, the plastic is much cheaper and do not perform the long-lasting durability. The makers use the plastic for penny boards at most. Also, the decks made from aluminum and fiberglass that work similarly.


All the things in this article remind me of my failures a lot. During the beginning, I wasted a lot of time and money to buy stupid skateboards. So, I share tips of by what way I have found out skate shops near me and get my skateboards.

I hope my sharing can do you a favor, help you get more knowledge of skateboards and enjoy your game perfectly. Thanks for reading and see you all, guys with upcoming helpful articles.

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