If you’ve been surfing for a long time, you likely have your own cemented opinion about quads–what waves they work in or whether they fit your style of surfing at all. Frenchmen Charly Quivront had a fixed perspective on the four-finned whips–but that changed a bit once he hopped on the Channel Islands Bobby Quad recently in his home country. “As you can see in the edit, I love how well it keeps speed and flow through the dead parts of the waves,” Quivront told CI. “Due to the board’s short rail, in my case being a 5’3, it’s so easy to place the board in the critical part of the wave, even when only thigh high. I kind of expected it to be good in small surf because that’s what Bobby made it for, and it was really great. What was the big surprise was that I learned it’s also amazing in the barrel, holding so well. Pretty impressive how good this board can go in bigger waves but it’s the smallest board I’ve ever had.” Click above to see how the Bobby Quad performs in French beachies and if you’d like to find out more about the board, click here.

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