Whether you live in the mountains, by the sea, in the desert, a tropical jungle or anywhere in between, getting up and staying active year-round can be tricky for a lot of people. Summer is when people feel most apt to get up and out, but an active daily routine or lifestyle has benefits that reach far beyond any given season. Spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to turn off that TV, vacate the couch and get up and moving again.

Living an active lifestyle is known to be important for both your physical and emotional wellbeing, so how could incorporating CBD help you keep your active lifestyle really spring into motion?

Create Your Movement Focused Mindset


Maintaining a healthy diet and doing regular exercise are proven to aid in mental health. But sometimes, maybe the hardest part of being active is finding the motivation to start. CBD could potentially help get you in the right mindset to lace up the sneakers and get moving, for both your physical and mental health.

CBD, though still in the early phases of clinical studies and research, is thought to have positive impacts on anxiety and other mental health disorders. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ESC) to regulate mood, pain mitigation, sleep, appetite, and more through receptors that block or transmit messages to the brain. CBD is so effective because it works directly with your body. This direct interaction enables you to use CBD to get in the right head space to stay active and in motion as it can block receptors from sending messages to the brain that lead to stress, panic or anxiety. One of the fastest ways to feel these effects is through sublingual consumption, aka, you are taking CBD orally.

Improved Sleep & Better Energy


We all want to get those glorious eight hours of sleep every night, but sometimes the restlessness strikes and insomnia kicks in. Being deprived of sleep can take a big toll on mental and physical health alike. Luckily for us all, CBD has been shown to positively impact sleep and the promotion of homeostasis. Though studies are still emerging, anecdotal evidence suggests CBD can promote relaxation which can lead to improved sleep. A better sleep cycle could lead to better energy throughout the day, a win win with CBD.

Consuming CBD sublingually is the fastest way to feel effects, so an oil or tincture is a great option as a sleep-aid. There are even specific CBD products, like Tribe CBD’s Sleep Shot, crafted with high quality CBD, melatonin and other natural sleep aids, are made specifically to help promote better sleep.

Maintained Motion & Expedited Recovery

Being active can take a major toll on your body, especially when you are consistent and exerting yourself a few times a week or even every day. Most everyone has felt post-workout exhaustion, giving you that sometimes-wobbly feeling in the legs and arms, followed by more soreness and even reduced range of motion the next day.

CBD may be able to help keep your body feeling good and in less need of recovery, so you can keep up your active lifestyle without pause. Through its anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant properties and limited but emerging research, CBD is thought to help with both pain and inflammation. CBD can be useful both before and after a vigorous day or specific activity, especially through topical application. Grab a CBD lotion, ointment or balm to target the areas that need some aid in staying comfortably active.

Spring into Motion With CBD, and Then Maintain It!

Staying active can be difficult, but the reward is well worth while, for both your physical and mental health. CBD can help you maintain an active lifestyle by getting you in the right head space to get up and out of the house or in the gym, keeping your body in motion comfortably, and by allowing the proper rest and recovery in between. Always turn to CBD companies with reliable products, backed by third-party test results that reflect their label claims.

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