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Starboard steps up with the release of the Freewing GO, a newly hatched wing to suit every level of rider, whether on water, snow, or terra firma.

Starboard Freewing Go wingfoiling
Photo: Starboard/Nir Cohen

Starboard Upgrades Freewing Go to Capture Every Rider

What’s so special about the Freewing Go? Well, to start, this wing model has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider. With a reduced span and shorter wingtips, new riders can be confident that they will not catch on the water while learning. Also, this compact shape makes the wing easier to maneuver when gybing, and during advanced water starts or rotations.

The fun of it is that the Freewing Go’s shorter wingtips also enhances ease of use when not just foiling. This refined wing can perform on snow, ice, or while using the wing with skateboards and/or land boards.  Winging is not just on the water anymore! Enjoy your wing in multiple scenarios and varying conditions.

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Photo by: Nir Cohen

Go Offers Rigid Airframe, Wider Handles and a Broad Range of Sizes

But wait, there’s more!  The new Starboard/Airush Freewing Go offers a wider diameter leading edge, refined wingtips and center strut to create a rigid airframe, while holding a solid connection between the center strut and leading edge. This dynamic enhances your low-end drive with easier pumping, and acceleration while maintaining high-end control. In layman’s language, this means the large diameter middle frame generates rapid power while maintaining a rigid feel, to get you up and going faster!

In addition, new wide handles increase the ease of trim while riding, making it easier to move your hand backwards and forwards, balancing the load on the wing as the wind strength and angles change. Plus, new windows are positioned to optimize visibility for your safety. There is also an option for non-window versions.

With an expanded range, the Go offers wings from 2.5m – 6.6m. Therefore, you can find your size to go winging any day in whatever the conditions throw at you. Respectively, this size range can handle anything from 8 knots to 40+ knots. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control, even when over powered.

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Photo by: Starboard/ Georgia Schofield

Praises From the Innovators

Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator speaks about this latest Starboard & Airush  innovation:

“The FreeWing GO is my favorite wing for getting my friends into winging. The ease of use due to the shorter wingspan coupled with the power from the leading edge strut makes the GO a super choice for riding both on water and land.” ~ Svein Rassmussen

Brand Director, Clinton Filen, also offers his voice to the Go:

“As we share the FreeWing GO with wingboarders around the world, we are constantly reminded of its versatility and ease of use. From the first moment on water or land, to attempting first rotations, the GO brings a lot of stoke to all levels of riders around the globe” ~ Clinton Filen

Starboard Freewing Go Photo Lightbox
Photo by: Starboard /Lightbox Film Co

Starboard’s Environmental Promise

In addition to creating innovative products within the watersports industry, Starboard takes their impact on the environment very seriously.  When purchasing your new wing, you can be sure of this:

For every Freewing Go sold, we will plant a mangrove to absorb one ton of CO2 over 20 years and collect 1.1 kg of plastics from the oceans. Live a deep blue life with us.

For more information about the Freewing GO:

We’ll see you out there!

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