Ryan Paul coming through with a surprise full-part drop!

From the zaniest himself:
Zany.TV (formerly known as World Record Jump) brings you it’s first video under the new name! A Tale of pressurized cold air infused with h2o and mixed with a handful of otherwise sticky when not vaporized melted chemicals causing run-on sentences / animal mutations / communication breakdown / clack-clack-clacking / Fun HAVing ! Zany Timez …… The Culmination of a winter of semi-controlled chaos, passion exertion, joy, pain, pleasure showcased via the medium of tricky trickery.

Snowboarder: Ryan A. Paul
99% of Videography: Riley Erickson
Other 1%: RP’s cell phone
Editing: Ryan Paul
Art: RP and Kasey Sheldon

Thanks: Walter Froese, Jesse Burtner, Bent Metal, Salmon Arms, Blake Lamb, Riley, Kasey, Dave David Falcon, friends who shoveled, Al Grogan, peeps at Mervin, Think Thank, Lucey :), Ted Borland, Ryan’s family, REM, everyone who bought something from The Zany Store which helped support us! JV, Mike Hannah, Bryden Bowley, anyone we may have forgot. Big Love! Thanks!

Instas: @ryanapaul @zanyearth @thezanystore @killerwhalesarecool @zoescollegefund @codewordmango @ksheldy @the.nomads.studio

Web: www.TheZanyStore.com

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