Indonesia is in the middle of an all-time run of swell. And, with COVID canceling international travel, its lineups are nearly empty. Padang Padang was perfect last Sunday, with 30 surfers (rather than 300) casually rotating through 6-foot pits. Likewise, Nokandui was all-time, with two lucky dudes trading 10-second tubes at one point. And those are just two examples. From Bali to the Ments and everywhere in-between, lineups are empty and the surf is pumping, a combination that might never happen again. Our latest “Amp Sessions”, playing above, features Desert Point locals like Usman Trioko getting drained down the shallow reef without a soul in sight, alongside a few lucky international pros like Jared Mell and Gabriel Escudero who happen to be “stuck” in perfect Indo tubes. Press play and watch Usman Trioko, Budiman, Samsul, Kian Martin, Kayu Vianna, Gabriel Escudero, Carlos La Casa, Mattia Morri, Jared Mell, Leandro Keesse, Arpad Leclere, Lee Wilson and Shawn Dennis score uncrowded fare throughout the island chain.

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