The Bomb Hole EP. 22—Torstein Horgmo

Often complemented for an incredible drive, one fueled by the angst of a lonely childhood, Torstein Horgmo’s resume is as varied as it is stunning: X Games and Dew Tour golds, video parts in major productions, his own videos with millions of views, magazine covers, the Olympics, contest and video part NBDs… The dude has just about done it all, and he covers an equally impressive amount of ground in the latest episode of The Bomb Hole. Traditionally, Torstein has kept his head down and just gotten to work, which has led to a lot of questions about who he is, what drives him, and how he sees things. Get this one rolling—many of those answers are right here!

From The Bomb Hole desk:
From being harshly bullied in his youth to pulling the first triple cork on a snowboard as well as X-Games gold medal’s, Dew Tour Gold’s, the Olympic’s, amazing video parts, Shredbots, meat helicopter’s, jumping on his snowboard while Ken Block jump’s next to him in a car, almost 5 million youtube views on his movie Horgasm, yoga, meditation, water fasting, and journey’s to the spirit world on ayahuasca. Torstein Horgmo is a living legend! We have all seen that one poor kid in school that is a bit different and because of this all the other kids decide they are going to make his life a living hell. This was Torstein when he first started school, life sucked so bad he contemplated ending it all. Then something amazing happened, Torstein found snowboarding. It’s safe to say snowboarding saved his life and from the moment he strapped in he had a natural talent and for the first time in life he found real friends as well as something he was deeply passionate about. They pushed him to enter his first contest in Norway and he won! This was the catalyst and the rest is history. Join us on the journey of this incredible snowboarder from Norway that has a list of accolade’s longer then his snowboard and find out how he went from a child with no self esteem to become one of the most confident snowboarders in the game on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

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