Snowboarding’s golden child’s all grown up! The kid’s seen a lot in his 20 years and he’s got the stories to back it. Red Gerard joins the Bomb Hole this week to talk about growing up one of seven siblings, excelling at a young age, steroids in snowboarding, winning an Olympic gold at 17 and the post Olympic media circuit, his sister’s culinary fame, his approach to competing, Burton’s One World, endorsement deals, filming and competing, Polaris vs Ski Doo, being busted at the border, air bags, Shaun White, and more!

From the Bomb Hole desk:
An Olympic gold medal at age 17, being on Jimmy Kimmel, getting stopped at the Canadian boarder with an egg shaped self pleasure device, an inside look at competitive snowboarding, being a child prodigy, Mountain Dew commercials and behind the scenes of Burton’s newest movie “OneWorld.” For only being 20 Red Gerard has accomplished a heavy list of accolades in the shred world. It’s amazing to see how Red has stayed so grounded for a kid who catches so much air. I’m sure having a huge supportive family with lots of older brothers will keep you in check. Sit down with us on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole and get to know Redmond Gerard! After this episode I think we will all agree snowboarding’s future is in great hands.

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