This latest drop from The Bomb Hole presents an emotional roller coaster as special guest Tim Ostler discusses life before and after a life-changing crash in the halfpipe.

From the desk of The Bomb Hole:

A life-changing spinal injury, life in a wheel chair, a snowboard career cut short, a ride or die love and finding humor in all of life’s trying situations all the while staying positive. This is the story of Tim Ostler. When Tim came crashing to the flat bottom of the halfpipe he instantly realized something was wrong; he could not move. His body was twisted, not sitting right and what he did not know was his spinal cord was partially severed. In that moment he did know he would never snowboard again.

As most people would spiral into a pit of despair and depression Tim took a different approach. Life in a chair was not going to be a death sentence. Instead he was going to be positive and take each challenge as they came and deal with this head on. His high school sweetheart Kellie was by his side and with a love as strong as theirs they were going to get through this together. Tim teaches us the most important thing in life is the people you surround yourself with; from friends to family, it’s all about your relationships.

As Tim adjusts to life in a chair he sees the love from the snowboard community at a whole new level as they rally to do everything they can to help him adjust. He fills the desire to stay active by finding a new passion in a sport called wheel chair rugby aka Murder ball. He marries the love of his life and comes to the conclusion that he is pretty damn good at life in a chair. Tim shows us how you handle these situations in life is what shapes you and makes you who you are. Let’s navigate Tim’s Bomb Holes and maybe after hearing this story re-evaluate the problems that we all face. Maybe they just aren’t that bad and maybe if we learn from Tim we can get through them and live our lives to the fullest.

Welcome to another day at the Bomb Hole!

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