As the legalization of hemp and now cannabis spreads wider across the country, some professional sports leagues are updating their policies as athletes update their training programs. From UFC fighter Nate Diaz to Olympian Lolo Jones, CBD is making waves in the world of sports as a potential pain relief alternative and natural recovery enhancer.

Some research has found that CBD, also known as cannabidiol, shows promise in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, combating stress and increasing recovery. Sports nutrition has primarily centered on building muscle, burning fat and having more energy, so CBD could have potential as a pre-workout and recovery tool to improve focus and reduce recuperation time.

In 2018, the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) removed cannabidiol from its list of banned substances, clearing the way for athletes to utilize CBD. The MLB even announced not too long ago that natural cannabinoids (CBD and THC included) will no longer be considered abuse drugs. So with all the newfound hype surrounding CBD, the talk of cannabidiol and sports nutrition has entered the chat on a mainstream level.

CBD for Sports Nutrition: Why It Works 

Pain and Inflammation Management

One of the primary draws of CBD are its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabidiol works directly with the human body, the endocannabinoids system or ECS to be exact. CBD has the ability to attach to receptors in the ESC, responsible for sending messages to the brain. These transmissions to the brain can be positively impacted by CBD when it attaches to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. This interaction can lead to reduced pain signals reaching the brain, allowing the body to recover naturally in more comfort. For athletes or those with an active lifestyle, CBD can help with keeping inflammation at bay and over-worked muscles or joints “well-greased” and in prime condition.

Focus and Mental Maintenance

CBD’s ability to interact with the human body and brain can lead to stress reduction brought on by more stability. Low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, can lead to anxiety and even depression and are usually treated with prescription medications often bosting side-effects and dependability. CBD is a natural alternative for mental health treatment, proving useful for athletes or sports enthusiast plagued by stress of the sport and competition. Taking CBD before a training session could up the ante on focus, and similarly taken following a workout could help with the winding down process that leads to reduced recovery times.

CBD for Sports Nutrition: How to Join the ‘Green Rush’ 

If you are curious about adding CBD to your training regime, whether you’re a professional athlete or active lifestyler, there are a variety of products crafted carefully with you in mind. Tribe CBD has created quality CBD products from seed to sale, that center on maintaining an active life in the most comfortable way possible.

CBD Oil – Using a CBD oil or tincture is a great way to get fast-acting relief. Tinctures are consumed sublingually, meaning they enter the bloodstream right away. Tribe CBD’s Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is THC-free and delivers a high concentration of all the right cannabinoids. This oil has been third-party tested to ensure quality, purity and potency. This oil is a great addition to your sports nutrition regime, easy added to food, drinks or taken orally under the tongue.

CBD Shots Tribe CBD has crafted two unique products with targeted capabilities. Their CBD Sleep Shots and CBD Energy Shots are described perfectly in the name. The sleep shot combines CBD with melatonin and other natural sleep aids for an ideal way to end the day, while the energy shot combines CBD with caffeine and guarana for the perfect pick-me-up. Both these products are totally THC-free, making them a good choice for anyone with drug testing concerns. These CBD shots are a great addition to a specific part of your active daily routine.

CBD Cream – When it comes to sports or any strenuous activity, a sore body can become a common thing. Tribe CBD’s Cold Therapy Cream is the best way to combat soreness and promote recovery. This cream allows for targeted application, whether it be a knee, shoulder or wrist, you can get the relief you need exactly where you need it. Tribe’s Cold Therapy Cream penetrates the skin quickly, is easy applied and works with your body to keep inflammation and pain at bay.

To learn more about Tribe CBD and their full list of CBD products that will aid your sports nutrition routine, click here.

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