For years now, in our series titled “Quivers”, we’ve been peering inside the boardbags and into the garages of the world’s best surfers and asking them questions about their go-to surfboards.

While under lockdown, we decided to revisit some of our favorite designs throughout the episodes. In doing so, we picked out 10 very different surfboards, from 10 very different surfers, and edited them together into this: The ultimate 10-board quiver. In this episode, you’ll find a craft for every sort of condition imaginable. Now, your challenge is to narrow these down to your favorite three and put in an order with your local shaper. You’ll be so happy you did as soon as this COVID-19 lockdown ends.

“Quivers” episodes, in order of appearance (as well as the featured shaper and design):

Mason Ho’s Owl Chapman Pin Tail

Chippa Wilson’s Simon Jones 6’0 Twin Step Up

Sterling Spencer’s Christensen Ocean Racer

Dylan Graves’ Haydenshapes Love Buzz

Noa Deane’s LSD 6’0 Diamond Tail

Torren Martyn’s Simon Jones 5’4 Moon Tail Twin

Craig Anderson’s Ryan Burch Twin Keel

Oliver Kurtz’s Sharp Eye 6’6 Step Up

Ian Gottron’s Tyler Warren Swallow Thruster

Zack Flores’ Self Shaped 6’6 Single Fin Pin

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