My best friend Daniel starts it off—I loved this line. This was at San Gabriel High, I skated there so much as kid so it was so cool to get an actual line that ended up in a video there. The SF bank session I do not remember at all, I had no clue I was there 🙂 As I get older I end up completely forgetting I even shot certain tricks. That damn LA loading dock gap, I must have gone there once a week. I don’t remember if the skaters wanted to skate it, or I was taking anyone and everyone there. I do remember being very protective with “my spots.” If I wasn’t driving back and forth to Sacto or SF, then I was looking for spots all over LA. I would comb the streets after the session ended. I remember before navigation systems Daniel drawing spots in my spot book, and I would write down the cross streets under the drawings. The pier sessions with Biebel were always exciting. His half Cab heel nose many nollie backside heelflip was third try. I can remember that like it was yesterday, I saw him try one and he kinda got close, he literally said, “You don’t need to film this,” but I ran over and literally hit record, pointed my camera and BOOM he made that one. Then Duffy finally getting that nollie flip at the loading dock spot was so so awesome!

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